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Navel-Gazing of the Equine Kind!

My Little Fandom: Trends are Magic!

Comepetitive Pegasi meet Belly Buttons by TraLaLayla
:pointr: Welcome to MyLittleB(elly)Buttons! :pointl:
Where magic comes from slightly above the waist! :dummy:

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In Brief: Group Notes!


Navel Fleet Admiral


Navel Vice Admirals


Navel Specialist Artists


Original Group Artworks

APBR PROJECT: Party Favor by SPARK-Theory APBR PROJECT: Party Favor :iconspark-theory:SPARK-Theory 18 2 :COMMISSION: Firestorm Shower by ShyShyOctavia
Mature content
:COMMISSION: Firestorm Shower :iconshyshyoctavia:ShyShyOctavia 90 3
Commission: Stallion Buttons by ZuTheSkunk Commission: Stallion Buttons :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk 323 18 Pinkie Pie's New Navel Ring by mayorlight Pinkie Pie's New Navel Ring :iconmayorlight:mayorlight 129 13 Rainbow Dash's New Navel Ring by mayorlight Rainbow Dash's New Navel Ring :iconmayorlight:mayorlight 146 16
Creating new art is as important as collecting pre-existing art!
Our collection of artworks created specifically for our group! :D
Draw artworks for our group, and have it displayed here, too! :+fav:



Forging relations with other entities in the name of spreading our trend and bridging gaps!

Belly buttons act as a broad foci umbrella, allowing our group to showcase oceans of MLP:FiM artwork. As such, we identify ourselves as both a pony fandom trend group and a general MLP:FiM artwork group. :D As long as your group is mostly relevant to or solely about MLP, feel free to send us an affiliate request!

:groups: ~Random Affiliates~ :groups:
For our complete affiliate list, check out our About Us tab!

Gallery Folders

ATG Day 20 - Back to the pink by thediscorded
It's a me, Dashu by Spirit-Dude
My Little Katamarity [Animated] by AssasinMonkey
Game Time! by Nwinter3
Sorting Folder - Post All Pony Belly Buttons Here
Soarin's Lazy Ride by TacoMyTaco
Rarity at the Club by AmpersandXYZ
Batpony YCH finished by TGOM
Cloudbat by Dannykay4561
Contest and Art Events
Coming in Hot by Punk-Pegasus
Spitfire by duop-qoub
Ready to Train, Newbie? by DangerCloseArt
Saucy, saucy Spitfire by JetWave
Rainbow Dash
RainbowDash - sexy girl 5, by sumin6301
MLP - Rainbow Dash on Fluttershy's bed by RingTeam
Lazy Dash by SilentWulv
The Original Punk Pegasus by Punk-Pegasus
Pinkie Pie
Epic cake time by thediscorded
Smile! by talimingi
Socks Pie by conbudou
Harpie by thediscorded
Twilight Sparkle
Collab-Made Her Mark by SourSpot
ATG Day 4 More than you can chew by thediscorded
Socks Twi by conbudou
Twi by toroitimu
Seductive Rarity by Laszl
III - The Empress by HowXu
Rarity's Glamour Shoot by LennonBlack
Slight Breeze by SilentWulv
Fluttershy loves big sausages by ZuTheSkunk
MLP FIM - Anthro Fluttershy Aue Aue by Joakaha
FlutterFire by Neoncel
Working Days by SilentWulv
Apples by Bloodatius

Mature Content

Howdy Sugarcube by Laszl
Down memory lane by thediscorded
Mane Six with Each Other
Flat Color Drawing Commission 5 by Nezzux
Mane Six with Other Characters
WIZARD BATTLE - 30minChallenge by atryl
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Sweetie Steals! by fiftyfivefives
Princesses and Royalty
Princess Of Bellyrubs by Madacon
Antagonists and Reformed Villains
Bottle by FrenkieArt
Secondary and Minor Characters
Cheerilee in bikini by conbudou
Background Characters
Thunderlane Daki by Ruef-Bae
OC Ponies and Non-Canon Ponies
Rubs Here by thediscorded
OC Ponies with Canon Ponies
Mystery of Sleeping Gas Island: Ch. 1: Pg. 3 by Quinstiff
Crossovers and Character Cosplay Art
Feelin' Like Garbage 2017 (colored) by DJ-Xyclone
Hybrid Ponies and Alternate Species
Siren Dagi by WubcakeVA


Chickens don't have belly buttons. by ThousandYearSunrise
Human Twilight Sparkle and her belly button by HFMR
Commission: Belly Buttons by ZuTheSkunk
Blitz and His Belly Ring by Mickeymonster
Original Group Artworks
Group Journals Folder Archive
Navel Contemplation Ponies
Flutter Not So Shy SFW Version by LennonBlack
Pinkie Kat? by RoboCop17
Beach Maud by RoboCop17
Navel Bloom by SB99stuff
Navel n' Socks Ponies
100 watchers milestone sockies by zapplebow
Bloom Socks by SB99stuff
Night Glider? by January3rd
This is not COOL by Behind-Space
Belly Dancing Ponies
(30minutechallenge) rarity bellydancer by luminaura
Wishy Washy by bluberi-raccoon
Gypsy (WIP) by Kelisah
Belly Dancer Applejack by AleximusPrime
Midriff Outfit Ponies
rainbow dash by Caindra
Applejack by Joo13
Dashin' by atryl
GO PONYVILLE! by atryl
Lingerie and Bikini Modeling Ponies
Energy Sparkle by BluDraconoid

Mature Content

Twilight by Fur-What-Loo
Get ready, Octy by TunDeri
Bowling Pin Up by shivanking
Navel Piercing Ponies
Precious Party Pony by MantaTheMisukitty
Rainbow Dash by MissAudi
Dj Pon3 Swimsuit by raptor007
Follow the beat by EOXXY
Bound Ponies

Mature Content

Oh Rarity by Maishida

Mature Content

Pleading white by radiantrealm

Mature Content

Flutternapped by RyuseiHikari

Mature Content

Line and Flats Comm - Modelling Ponies! by DrPossibly
Tickled Ponies
Scootaloo and the Rack of Doom by Caroos-Dungeon
Masculine Ponies
Mermaid Ponies
mlp Mermaid Twilight by 0Bluse
Vampire Bat Ponies
Flutterbat Anthro by PonyGraphics
SFM Ponies

Mature Content

My First Anthro Pony: Nightmare Moon. by Dragon-V0942
Wallpaper Ponies
Blue WhoovesnBlissu Anniversary! by 2tailedDerpy
Halloween Ponies
Contest: Heart Seeker Cadense by BlueShadowsMist
Christmas Ponies
MLP stupid late Christmas drawing by CrimsonBugEye